About ANC

American National Combines (ANC) serves as a supplement to the NFL’s National Scouting Combine and is the long standing regional tryout platform and player data/video distribution system serving the NFL, XFL, USFL and CFL. Formerly Scout Camp and NFL Regional and Super Regional Combines, ANC has conducted over 500 combines and placed over 1,800 players in the NFL, XFL, USFL and CFL.


ANC combines are comprehensive single-day tryouts with contract consideration of the top performing players. All ANC players are evaluated by former and active NFL, XFL, USFL, and CFL scouts.


Players considered pro prospects by ANC Director of Player Personnel, Blake Beddingfield and his staff of former NFL scouts, are placed on the ANC Hot List. The Hot List and ANC Video are distributed to all pro leagues and teams by Mr. Beddingfield immediately following each ANC combine. Mr. Beddingfield served for 19 years in the College Scouting department with the Tennessee Titans with his last five years as the Director of College Scouting.

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NFL Regional Combine