ANC Team

Adam Kruckenberg

Senior National Director

Chicago Regional Director

Running Backs and Linebackers

Adam became involved with football combines in 2006 when he was selected by Scout Camp Pro Football Regional Combines as the Regional Director for their Chicago location. 


In 2008, Adam was promoted to National Field Consultant by Scout Camp (later renamed Elite) to assist at their other combine location. Adam also assisted Elite in the operation of football tryouts for several new leagues. Adam continued as Chicago Regional Combine Director after Elite was purchased by the National Football League in 2009.


With NFL Regional Combines, Adam continued to serve as Chicago Regional Director and in 2012 was promoted to a National Field Supervisor, assisting in the management of NFL Regional Combines in the west, as well as at the NFL Super Regional Combine. 


After the NFL discontinued regional combines, Adam joined American National Combines as Senior National Director and Chicago Regional Director.


Adam has a bachelor of science degree in sports medicine from Aurora University. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and has worked extensively in the health and wellness field and as a personal trainer. Currently, Adam is a firefighter and paramedic for the city of Lombard, IL fire and rescue department. 


Adam and his family reside in Sugar Grove, Illinois.