ANC Team

Kenny Hampton

Assistant National Director

Receivers and Defensive Backs

Kenny was an All-Star pitcher at Detroit Communication and Media Arts High School in Detroit Michigan where he won 2 MVP awards, Rookie of the Year and All- District honors.  In 2001, he was offered an athletic scholarship to play baseball at Kansas State University. 

At K-State, Kenny was an outstanding outfielder and first-baseman and a MLB prospect. Due to an injury that ended his baseball career Kenny joined the K-State football team and made an immediate impact as a wide receiver. In his final season, he led his team in receiving yards per game helping the Jay Hawks to a 7-4 record.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science May 2006.

In 2007, Kenny competed in an Elite Football Regional Combine, the pro football tryout company founded by Stephen Austin and later purchased by the NFL. Despite limited football experience, Kenny continued his pro football with the Arena League, finishing his career in 2010. In an interesting twist, the next year Kenny became an alternate player on the Spike TV show, “4th and Long”, with Michael Irvin.


In 2010 Kenny was selected by NFL Regional Combines Director, Stephen Austin, to assist at the NFL Regional and Super Regional Combines. In 2011 Kenny became a NFL Regional Combine Field Supervisor, a position he held until the league discontinued regional combines in 2017.


In 2018, Kenny joined American National Combines (formerly Elite Football Services and Scout Camp), assisting in the operation of regional combines on behalf of the new Alliance of America Football league. Currently, Kenny serves as Assistant National Director for ANC.


Kenny and his family reside in Columbus, Ohio.