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Keynote Presentation

On the evening before each ANC Combine, ANC Executive Director and former NFL Football Operations executive Stephen Austin, gives a keynote presentation to players, their families and friends.


Mr. Austin will offer an insider’s look at the free agent scouting process, the role of combines in NFL player evaluations and how players can effectively market themselves to the pros. Along with Mr. Austin, veteran NFL Regional Combine coaches will explain the ANC combine procedures and how players can best achieve a successful performance.


Based on his 30 years of NFL operations and combine experience, Mr. Austin will bring to life the real world of the “free agent” and their unique place in pro football’s player “supply-chain”. He will also explain the financial dynamics of life-altering NFL salaries, managing such financial windfalls and the best ways to “keep the money!”.  


From personal experience inside the worlds of business, sports and entertainment, Mr. Austin will share the keys to success on the field, off the field – and at the bank.

About Stephen Austin

Stephen is a former NFL Executive, founder of the NFL Regional and Super Regional Combines, creator of the two-time Emmy nominated and highest rated show in NFL Network history, UnDrafted, and Executive Director of American National Combines.


During his career Stephen has operated combines for the NFL, NFL Europe, CFL, XFL (2000 and 2020). In 2018, ANC was retained by NFL Hall of Fame General Manager, Bill Polian, to direct combines for the new Alliance of American Football. In 2019, ANC was selected by XFL Commissioner, Oliver Luck, as the league’s official combine service. Recently, ANC was selected as the exclusive combine management provider to The Spring League.

Currently, Stephen’s entertainment production company, Austin Media Group, has an exclusive first-look partnership with John Legend’s production company, Get Lifted Films. AMG shows are currently optioned at Disney+, Lifetime, Hulu and NFL Network.


During his career Stephen has conducted over 400 pro football combines and personally evaluated 35,000 pro prospects.

Keynote Topics

  • Pro Player “Supply Chain”


Pro football’s development, talent ID (scouting), acquisition, deployment, termination and re-supply of player talent.


  • NFL Compensation


Taxation, personal budgeting, savings strategies, professional fees, investment pitches, third-party loan/gift requests, gifting and taxation, domestic relations financial impact.


  • Second Career


Selection, development, self-marketing, writing skills, personnel relationships and keys to advancement/promotion and how your potential employer’s company works financially.


  • College Football Asset Development


How football experience in college develop assets and strengths transferrable to post career success. Football skill-sets related to second career advantage over non-football playing contemporaries.


  • Leaving the Game


Career and financial realities of continued pursuit of pro football after college, special nature of football and retirement. The high-value potential of new dreams and new horizons.