ANC Team

Rashad Elby

Assistant National Director

Receivers and Defensive Backs

Rashad began playing football as a student-athlete at Kent State University. He later transferred to Hampton University where he concluded his college football career while earning a BA degree in Sociology with a minor in Political Science in 2001. Following graduation from Hampton, Rashad was invited to participate in the Elite Football Combines (later purchased by the NFL and re-named NFL Regional Combines) and earned a tryout with the Cincinnati Bengals. 

After football Rashad began his professional career at Alternative Rehabilitations Communities Inc., in Harrisburg, PA as a program director of the only bi-cultural (Latino) residential program in the state of Pennsylvania. During this time Rashad also began working towards a master’s degree in Sports Management at Millersville University. While at Millersville, Rashad served as a Graduate Assistant in the athletic department.

In 2010 Rashad was accepted to the Post Graduate intern program at the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Following his successful internship, Rashad continued his work with the NCAA as a contractor working with the Student-Athlete Affairs and Leadership Development departments.  Currently, Rashad assists with a wide variety of NCAA programs including the Men’s Basketball Tournament, the NCAA/NFL Life Skills Summit, NCAA Football Coaches Academy and the NCAA Expert Coaches Academy, to name a few. Rashad has also assisted the NFL at the 2012 Super Bowl. 

After successfully completing training, Rashad became a National Field Supervisor for Elite Football Combines. In 2012, after Elite was purchased by the National Football League, Rashad was selected as an Assistant Field Supervisor for the NFL Regional and Super Regional Combines.  He was also a key member of the NFL Super Regional Combine staff until 2016 when the NFL ended the program.

In 2018, Rashad joined American National Combines (formerly Elite Football Services and Scout Camp) as Assistant National Field Director. He also is Assistant Regional Director for the ANC Indianapolis location.


Rashad resides in Indianapolis, IN.