ANC Team

Russ Shiplet

Senior National  Security Director

National Admissions Director

Russ played football at Sandia High School in Albuquerque, NM where his team took state his Sophomore year.  Russ went on to college at the University of New Mexico and later transitioned into the military, serving 12 years in the US Navy as a submariner and sonar technician 1st class.  During his tenure in the Navy, Russ was selected by his command to tryout for the US Navy Softball Team in Little Creek, VA.  Russ continued to play softball throughout his naval career.

While serving in the military, Russ earned both his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Western Washington University and his Master’s degree in Occupational and Technical Education from Old Dominion University.  Upon leaving military service in 1997, Russ became a high school teacher and turned to coaching for the first time in both baseball and football.   Throughout the years Russ has remained involved in high school coaching, serving as assistant and head coach in both sports.

Russ initially got involved in combines at the high school level through the National Athletic Testing System (NATS).  Russ covered the west coast, bringing high school football combines to WA, OR and CA.  From there, Russ was asked to join the NFL Regional Combines and served as the Site Director in Seattle, WA for two years.  In addition, Russ participated in other regional combines in Houston, LA and Denver as well as Super Regional Combines in Dallas and Detroit.

In 2018 Russ was asked to join American National Combines (ANC) and serves as the Senior National Security Director and National Admissions Director.

Russ currently runs four independent flag football leagues through the UA Under the Lights Flag Football League in both TX and WA. Russ and his family reside in Port Ludlow, WA.