Agents are advised to register their free agent clients at ANC combines for the following reasons:


1) The opportunity to try-out in front of scouts from the NFL, CFL and XFL.

Pro scouts from all three pro leagues register to attend ANC combines specifically to find players for their training camp rosters. Many of the scouts also attend the ANC Keynote presentation to share their insight into the scouting and player signing process. Many also provide motivational comments to encourage your client(s) to their best combine performance possible.

2) Qualify for entry in ANC National Player Database (NPD) accessed by all pro leagues.

All ANC players are included in the ANC National Player Database (NPD). The NPD includes player results, contact information, PFI score, Hot List status and ANC Percentile ranking. Teams use ANC Results and National Player Database as integral factors when considering contract offers to pro prospects.


3) Provide YOU with your client’s evaluation results to better determine his pro potential.

Knowing your clients’ confirmed VERIFIED combine times, measurements and ability level is the only way to accurately gauge their potential to move up to the pros. To receive your player’s combine performance results order the ANC Player Results Report. This report your client’s Pro Football Index, Percentile, 40 times, broad jump, height, weight, arm, hand measurements, 3-cone time drill test results, contact info and biographical data.


4) Opportunity for your players to be included in the ANC Player Hot List.


Players who make the ANC Hot List have their pro scout official evaluation report submitted to all pro teams and leagues. The Hot List includes the top performing players from each ANC Combine as determined the by pro scouts and veteran NFL combine evaluators in attendance.

5) ANC All Access Report for new client recruiting.

Agents may also receive the ANC All Access Report which includes your client’s combine results PLUS the combine results and contact data for ALL ANC players who don’t have an agent. All Access Report is the identical report received by all our pro client teams and leagues – and your road-map to recruiting true pro prospect clients.

To order the Player Results Report, click the button box on the LEFT. To order the All Access Report, click the box on the RIGHT. After you complete your order ANC will send you a private link to access your selections.