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American National Combines (formerly Scout Camp, Elite Football Services and NFL Regional and Super Regional Combines) was established in 1990 by former National  Football League executive, Stephen Austin. American National Combines (ANC) and Stephen’s earlier combine companies have served as official combine providers to the National Football League, NFL Europe, XFL (2000), Alliance League, XFL (2020) Arena and CFL.


ANC was the official combine service to the Alliance League. Currently, ANC is the exclusive combine service to the XFL. Since 1990, ANC has conducted over 375 pro football combines.


ANC veteran staff and Senior Evaluators have years of experience operating NFL Regional Combines, NFL Super Regional Combines, XFL Summer Showcase combines and Alliance of American Football combines. ANC guarantees players on-field evaluation by pro scouts and ANC pro evaluators. To review ANC staff bios, please click here.


ANC player combine results and player contact information are transmitted LIVE to all NFL, XFL, PPL and CFL teams during the actual combines.​ ANC is the only independent combine service simulcasting player evaluation reports and live player data directly to all pro leagues and teams.​ 


Pro teams depend on ANC combines for up to date free agent player measurables, contact data and on-field evaluation scouting reports. For player agents, ANC provides accurate player results which are essential to fully evaluate their clients’ potential for success at the pro level.