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Results Online

Players can access their combine results online 36 hours after each ANC combine. Their results include the 40, 3-cone, height-weight-arm-hand and broad jump, player contact information, school, age, last year of eligibility, experience and more.

Same Day Results

On the same day of each ANC combine, the results of all players are distributed LIVE to all NFL, CFL, XFL and TSL teams.

Same Day Video

During the actual operation of each ANC combine, ANC sends a link to all pro teams of raw video footage of the position drills performed by players who run pro level speed (based on their 40 time) at their respective positions.

ANC Hot List

The Hot List consists of pro level players from each ANC Combine as determined by ANC DPP, Blake Beddingfield and his team of former NFL scouts and personnel executives. Click here for Mr. Beddingfield’s bio. 

Pro Football Index (PFI)

All ANC players receive a Pro Football Index score (PFI). The PFI is calculated by assigning numerical values to their combine test results including height, weight, 40, broad jump and 3-cone. PFI scores are calculated based on the player's position. For example, a lineman running the 40 yard dash in 5.00 seconds would receive an excellent PFI. However, a defensive back running a 5.00 would receive a considerably lower PFI. The PFI score enables players to compare their level of  athletic ability to other ANC players, target areas of needed improvement and accurately gauge their probability to make it to the pros.